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A Farewell Message
David Harvey on leaving the
Claire Lynch Band

MARCH 2007 - Nashville, TN
s most of you probably know by now, I have decided to leave the Claire Lynch Band after 3 and a half great years. This decision was extremely difficult to make, and as my stage time with Claire draws close to an end, the thoughts of leaving become no easier.

The rumor mill has offered many reasons for my resignation, but I wanted to offer you the truth. Yes, I have been blessed with a demanding career at Gibson, and folks have already mentioned that to be the reason for my resignation. Change is in the air at Gibson, but my decision to resign was made before I heard word of new opportunities in my future. The fact is…..Claire’s star is shining as bright as ever, and her show dates are filling the calendar. Her performance schedule demands so much of my time, I have the luxury of little else. As you can see, it is time for me to step aside, because Claire’s ship is Ready to Sail. Most of you know I have a young daughter at home, and she has reached the ripe old age of 7 way too fast and, honestly, I feel I’ve missed too much of her young life. Every musician aspires to be a “working musician”, and leaving the band at this time proves to be nothing less than bittersweet. Yes, I am sometimes fearful that a gig this good will not come again, but I only have one chance to be a father to my little girl. I’m sure you can see which is my higher calling.

Folks, this isn’t farewell….our music community is small and it is a comfort to me to know that my family and I will see you at music events from time to time. I have many projects in the works….I have started production on Moody Bluegrass, Volume II, and will hopefully release a solo project in the near future. I also plan to continue live performances as I can.

To the fans…..many of you have become my friends and extended family. I owe you so much! Thanks for coming out to see us, and for your unending kindness and support!

Claire, Missy, Jim, and Ben…..I look forward to hearing your music again! I’ll be listening! I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for your talents, and they are many! I will truly miss the high level of musicianship and professionalism you deliver night after night, gig after gig. Your music has impressed and inspired me, and I have grown as a musician during my time performing and recording with you. My friends, I will miss the laughs and just spending time with you all! I’m a long time fan, and will be…..always.

God be with you,
David Harvey


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